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Another scene where I almost finished my tissue paper😭😭As If losing her dad wasn’t enough, they had to kill Cheong-san. It just keeps getting sadder and sa....

4. 1. The netizen explored the meanings behind Choi Nam-ra's dialogs and the character's expressions. From this, the netizen speculated that Cheong-san could be alive. The.

Lee Byeong-chan (Byeong-cheol Kim), a science teacher at Hyosan High School, learns that his son has suffered brutal bullying at the hands of his peers. Wanting to help him, Byeong-Chan develops a virus that he believes can give its host extraordinary abilities. That doesn't really happen, and the son begins to transform into a zombie.

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All of Us Are Dead is a webtoon by Joo Dong-geun. Life at Hyosan High School is nothing special until the students realize they’re in ground zero of a deadly virus that turns its victims into flesh-eating monsters. As the virus tears through their schoolmates in a matter of hours, they realize they have nowhere to run. Trapped in their high school with zombified versions of their friends. Well after reading webtoon i came to know that in webtoon Korea is okk from virus and those hambies are considered as immune but the plot is virus has entered into the water stream and.

Also, when he grabbed Gwi-Nam and pulled him into the elevator, it was framed in a way that made it look like Cheong-san was using him as a shield from the fire. And then when you see the pile of charred corpses at the bottom of the elevator, I swear there's a bit of color towards the middle of the frame in between fried zombie limbs, as if there's something unburnt underneath.

Park Ji-hu as Nam On-jo. (Image credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix) On-jo is a popular student who's next-door neighbors and close friends with Cheong-san, though she has feelings for Su-hyeok. When.

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